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We welcome you to this virtual tour of Bonafide Kindergarten. Take a few moments and get to know us. We hope that soon we will have a chance to meet you in person. Pass through our doors and enter a world of imagination, where your little one will experience a warm, creative, and nurturing environment. We offer Kindergarten and infant programs.

We invite you to join us. Feel free to call us with inquiries or to arrange the best time to visit.
Make an appointment to visit our school



Thank you for your interest. Bonafide is an emerging Early childhood Center in Kerala that is inspired by Waldorf education. Our main center is situated in Thrissur known as cultural capital of gods own country. Since its inception we have vigorously pursued mission of giving the best education for our children. Bonafide reflects the natural beauty of our local environment and embodies true values. The centre is a warm, inviting and engaging place of discovery and learning for all…

Seetha Anand Vaityam


Dear Prospective Parents and Friends,
It has been my pleasure to be associated with this sincere and dedicated group that is making an important contribution to society by setting up a stress free and holistic early childhood program in Thrissur. All big deeds start with small steps. Bonafide may be a small entity today but there is no doubt that it is already fulfilling its promise to each and every child and parent that comes into its fold. My best wishes to this team and may they continue their selfless task in the years to come.


We are dedicated to nurturing the child’s capacities of wonder, reverence, and responsibility while providing a curriculum of the highest quality. Our classical education addresses the whole child, including the head, the heart and the hands. We are devoted to protecting childhood and to providing an education that serves the needs of the developing human being. We aim to cultivate independent thinking, compassion and moral courage and purposeful action in our children. We will actively work on our own inner growth in an effort to be worthy of imitation.


1. What is Waldorf Education?

Developed by Rudolf Steiner in 1919, Waldorf education is based on a developmental approach that addresses the needs of the growing child . Waldorf Education approaches all aspects of education in a unique and comprehensive way. The curriculum is designed to meet the various stages of child development

2. What is unique about Waldorf education?

What is the philosophy behind Waldorf education? The aim of Waldorf schooling is to educate the whole child - "head, heart and hands". Rudolf Steiner designed a curriculum responsive to the developmental phases in childhood and nurturing of children's imaginations.

3. What is the curriculum like in a Waldorf kindergarten?.

Kindergarten children learn primarily through imitation and imagination. The goal of the kindergarten is to develop a sense of wonder in the young child and reverence for all living things. This creates an eagerness for the academics that follow in the grades.

4. Is Waldorf similar to Montessori?

These two educational approaches began with a similar goal: to design a curriculum that was developmentally appropriate to the child and that addressed the child's need to learn in a tactile as well as an intellectual way. The Montessori approach emphasizes individual self-mastery in early childhood and elementary education. Waldorf see the young and growing child as fully integrated into a class of peers all receiving similar age appropriate educational experiences.

5. What is the waldorf difference ?

We leave it up to each individual to make the value judgment about it. Our differences arise from a different understanding of what it means to be a human being, and therefore the purpose of formal education and the role of community. We believe that formal education and community should be very involved with helping children reach their full potential.


Early childhood chair

Our dedicated staff is committed to supporting the development of all children and fostering their imaginations and love of learning during these critical first years. The heart of education is the enthusiasm and commitment of the teachers. They teach to establish within each child his or her own high level of academic excellence, enthusiasm for learning, a healthy self awareness concern for fellow human beings and a respect for the world.

KAYANA KAMARUDHEEN -Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Born and brought up in Middle East (UAE), done her schooling at New Indian Modern school have acquired Degree in BCA (ICLBA Ajman) and Interior designing. After joining bona fide, found a kind of atmosphere – a home where her interest in the art and hand crafts, environmental justice, and movement has developed neatly into her professional life. She is anxious to put her creativity and passion as a lead teacher.

Prabha Praveen - Kindergarten Teacher

Prabha Praveen was born and raised in Calicut. She received a bachelor's degree from MES women’s college Calicut. As a most rejuvenating and fulfilling occupation which deepened her knowledge of child development and she loves it at the heart. Now she is specializing in knitting, quilting, hand sewing and waldorf doll making.

Rajini Gopinath - Patron

An optimistic and creative individual, did her schooling at Little Flower convent high school Irinjalakuda, college studies at St Joseph college. She has Degree in technical education also. She is a poet and her book Echo of change, is widely admired. She has leadership role in so many social service organizations including Mathrubhumi Grahalalakshmi Vedhi.


"I just wanted to take a moment to extend our thanks and appreciation. It's been nearly one and a half years now since my son became a part of Bonafide. it was like a second home. He loves going to Bonafide each and every day and we can tell he truly loves his experiences there. As working parents there is no better feeling than knowing your child is happy and being taken great care of. I want to thank Bonafide for providing such a high level of quality care and would recommend this facility to any parent. One of the exciting things about Bonafide, and their play-based philosophy, is the way they invest in uncovering a child’s natural curiosity.At Bonafide, the staff works hard everyday with a smile on their face and a lot of determination to help children become self confident, learning to respect the others, to become mentally curious and stimulated, to enjoy the learning process and to appreciate life. We are more than pleased at what we see at Bonafide. Congratulations to all the staff! Great job!!!"

ANJALI JINO (Teacher St. Mary’s College Thrissur.

When we relocated from USA, we were really perplexed about which kindergarten to be selected for our two and half year old daughter Ammu. BONAFIDE- proved the right choice. By far the best in city. Its unique curriculum makes the difference. All the best to Bonafide family - Reshma Ganesh (Mother), Qatar

"When I think of Bonafide, I think of warmth. From the warmth of the teachers and their caring of our young children. Their words and activities. There is some magic about this kindergarten" - Anonymous



We invite you to consider this viable educational option...

The Rudolf Steiner’s early Childhood Programs provide a nurturing foundation for the growing child. Our curriculum strives to meet the needs of children and their families. A young child is a wellspring of imagination and activity. We strive to surround the child with beauty and simplicity. The quality of the environment is integral to its goals for the children.

Our Early Childhood programs are non-academic in nature; we believe that through our daily activities a strong foundation is laid for future academic success. We have two programs with one meeting the other- multi aged kindergarten and infant program.

"Receive the children with reverence, educate them with love, send them forth in freedom." - Rudolf Steiner


Bonafide Kindergarten is an extension of the family experience, an intermediate step for the children between home and formal schooling. Here, young children acquire the confidence and discipline they will need for the challenging academic work of the grade school.

BWK is home to three multi-age early childhood classes with children ages two and half through five combined. Multi aged groups are promoted to emulate the environment where older children are able to do things with and for the younger ones.

Kindergarten lays a strong foundation for each aspect of the child—physical, intellectual, social, moral, and creative. Our daily activities—Circle Time, story time, imaginative play etc —are all carefully planned and carried out with the needs of the children in mind. Our daily rhythm balances periods of free play with times of more directed activity.


This is a wonderful opportunity to have a first-hand experience of our Early Childhood Program. We believe that the parents and caregivers of children have one of the most important jobs in the world. So we offer this program to nurture and support those who care for babies and young children.

Our Growing together program is for parents with their babies from newborn to age two. Expectant parents are also welcome to participate. We explore parenting challenges and share ideas about how to create a home life that supports healthy and joyful growth.

Parent Child Classes meet on Tuesday, Thursday mornings and include a light snack. There are a few spaces reserved for families who need five-day child care from Monday to Friday.

Extened–Care Program-

Care Programs serve the families of Bonafide by offering the same nurturing, pedagogical impulses that guide the child’s day at our kindergarten. The child’s experience should be one harmonious day. The focus of the afternoon is rest, healthy play and good food. The intent is not to structure this time with a whirlwind of activities, but rather to provide a secure daily rhythm within which the child is free to explore options.


Every summer has a story and memories are just waiting to happen. ..vacation is a world where there are no locks on the doors or the mind or the body. So its good to talk about and join Bonafide Kids enrichment Program.

The curriculum for the program is designed around a theme. Colour the world with Character, Campers will work with a variety of art mediums, developing a range of creative skills. From April right up to May with an electric mix of activities giving the child an opportunity to explore, entertain and enjoy.

The goal of this camps is not just to pass time in summer and is not a ‘me-too having summer camp’, but to enhance both soft and academic. Kindly note that the sessions are for a limited number of children and handled by professionals.


Bona fide curriculum spring from the understanding of holistic development of a child. This deeper understanding is taken into account in all the special subjects that we offer.

By practicing KALARI & YOGA, children can learn how to exercise, develop confidence, and concentrate better. It is beneficial to children of all ages. It enhances Physical Flexibility, refines Balance and Coordination, develops Focus and Concentration, boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence and strengthens the Mind-Body Connection.

The world of the child is full of color and activity. At Bona fide, ART is an intrinsic part of our curriculum. The specific HAND WORK taught here also “grows with the growing child.” Knitting and other handwork projects play an important role in the development of fine motor skills, inner calm, and intellectual clarity.

The spoken word is the key to LEARNING LANGUAGES in the early years.. Songs, poems, rhymes, tongue-twisters, counting and group games—all these foster group knowledge of the languages. There are many important inner skills to be learned in the study of MUSIC. The discipline of practicing with an instrument helps a child find the inner discipline to face other challenges in life.


ADMISSIONS – Procedures & Policies

Thank you for your interest in Bona fide; we know how important it is to find the best educational fit for your child. We look at each child as an individual and, therefore, there can be no hard-and-fast rules for acceptance. Admission depends upon space availability, age, and an assessment of the student's physical, emotional, and intellectual development and needs.

Admission to all our programmes is offered on a rolling basis. Bona fide bases enrollment decisions on criteria that best serve the healthy development of the child and the social health of the class. We strive to honour all requests for admission, but final admission and placement decisions are based on space availability, as well as the School's/classes' ability to provide the education and support required for the individual child, which is a decision made by the teachers.


We give individual tours regularly and are happy to do so for you! Allow us to serve you best by scheduling your visit in advance. Please call us at 0487 606 3 606 or email bonafidepreschool@gmail.com to arrange a personal tour for you and your family.

You are also welcome to sign up online for an Open House or Visitors Morning. At Visitors Mornings (for adults), guests spend 10 minutes at observation bench. Afterwards, teachers join visitors for refreshments and conversation. Please join us as we celebrate the students' work, opening our doors for you to meet current parents and faculty. We’d love to show you around!


You can start the process by filling out initial application for the program. We are happy to receive applications after the school year has started. They are accepted and processed according to available space. You will be notified by mail regarding the status of your child’s application within 10 days.


Information Please fill out this form to request an enrollmentpacket.


Once we receive your application, your child’s prospective teacher will set up a time to meet with you and your child. Getting To Know you- to assess your child’s development, to gather biographical information, and to answer your questions. We strongly encourage both parents to attend. As appropriate, the teacher will arrange for your child to visit the classroom. At this time you will complete the enrollment packet (emergency card, health registration form, etc.), Students will not be allowed to attend classes or participate in school functions without parents having completed this paperwork.


Upon Enrollment, you can expect to receive the following to support your transition
1 For new Early Childhood families, an orientation will be scheduled.
2 you will receive an orientation packet with all necessary documents.
3 A family mentor from your child’s class will be in touch to invite you to pcoming school events and support any questions you may have.
4 Your child’s teacher will be in touch regarding preparations and a home visit. This is a special one-on-one time to support your child’s transition into the school.


BONAFIDE admits students of any race, color, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the Kindergarten. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, hiring, admissions policies and scholarship programs.

All inquiries should be directed to: Rajini Gopinath, Director of Enrollment


We need your support in order to grow! we invites you to support the work of transforming education for the future generations. we carry our vision as a cultural initiative and a gift to all humanity. It is our ideal that education be available to all who seek it, regardless of economic status.


The Key to a child’s success : Parent involvement

The education of our child cannot be left solely to others. Parents are the first teachers and most significant adults in children’s lives. Our actions form the attitudes and outlook toward learning that our children will carry throughout their lives.

Hand in hand – volunteering

We run and operate with generous contributions of volunteer hours and talent of their member families. By all means we encourage parents to bring forth ideas and suggestions, especially if you possess a specific talent or skill that you would like to share with us and provide an invaluable service to our society.


“The right kind of education consists in understanding the child as he is without imposing upon him an ideal of what we think he should be. To enclose him in the framework of an ideal is to encourage him to conform, which breeds fear and produces in him a constant conflict between what he is and what he should be; and all inward conflicts have their outward manifestations in society. Ideals are an actual hindrance to our understanding of the child and to the child’s understanding of himself.” -Krishnamurti

Recommended Reading

Below are some Books and articles that we have found to be interesting and thought provoking.

“Beyond the Rainbow Bridge” by Barbara Patterson and Pamela Bradley

Find out more about how your child grows and learns about the world, what are the 12 senses and how you can nourish them, creating balance in your family life and how Waldorf educates supports the whole child.

“You Are Your Child’s First Teacher” by Rahima Baldwin Dancy

Out of her research and her experience as a Waldorf early childhood teacher, she answers the question:

“What can parents do with, and for their children from birth to age six that will enhance their development without having negative effects at a later age?”

“How Children Play” by Ingeborg Haller

Imaginative play is a vital element in the growth of the preschool child. A child’s freedom to play lies at the root of a happy and well-balanced attitude to work and responsibilities in later life.

LINKS - The following are a number of articles and links that you might be interested in

Why Waldorf?" - a new film about Waldorf education and Marin
Link –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZmAX5adCl0
A silicon valley school that doesn’t compute
Effort to restore children’s play gains momentum


Our school policies are important to ensure peaceful coexistence, teaching and activities on a daily basis and contribute to the healthy and harmonious development of the children, providing them guidance and positive discipline.

The safety and security of children in our care is a top priority. Children are well supervised both inside and outside the class by their lead Teacher or Assistant Teacher. Staff are deployed according to a duty rotation during play periods.

Your child's teacher shares with you a deep concern for the physical and inner health of your child. We therefore strongly encourage a good night's sleep and nutritious breakfast before each day. we also take pains to make sure that the food provided is nutritious, balanced, and of the highest quality. we take pride in knowing that parents often highly praise this.

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The first Waldorf inspired Kindergarten in Kerala


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